Remy, the therapy dog has a new friend, Kaylee, who is a Cavoodle. Kaylee is currently undergoing training as a therapy dog to assist those children who find difficulty with communicating. She has a delightful, friendly nature and is already becoming a favourite among the children. Remy continues to assist children who are reticent to participate in their lessons.

Sally-Ann wishes to announce that as of 31st March 2019, she is able to see Private Clients, as well as those National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)-funded clients who ‘Self-Manage’ their child’s funding, or who employ a Plan Manager to ‘Plan-Manage’ their child’s funding. She is no longer going to be registered to take on children whose funding is ‘Agency -Managed’ by the NDIS. She is of the belief that clients who chose to ‘Self-Manage’ or ‘Plan-Manage’ their funding have greater flexibility, choice and control over the therapy options afforded to them. For further information please contact Sally-Ann directly.

Sally-Ann wishes to welcome back all the children and hopes that 2019 will be as successful a year as was 2018.

What a joy it is to look back at your child’s first Speech Pathology lesson and to see the improvement that has been achieved over time. Most parents are pleased to know that the Videos taken of their child each week give them a true and objective measure of their progress. The children also love seeing themselves on video as do the rest of the family! Videos are now uploaded onto the Sync website and are doubly encrypted for privacy.

Sally-Ann is willing to perform joint assessments for ASD  with a psychologist of your choosing.  These  assessments provide parents with a diagnosis on the same day. This minimizes some of the anxiety of having to wait for a second opinion day. A joint report is written up for Notification of an ASD with Autism SA and also provides evidence for the National Disability Insurance Agency as to the level of support your child will need to function in everyday situations.

Sally-Ann’s child-friendly homely workspace is proving to be a great success. It is now home to much more equipment and the children are able to focus much better and achieve even more without being distracted.