Sally-Ann’s Bio

Sally-Ann qualified as a Speech Pathologist and Audiologist in December 1977 with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Speech and Hearing Therapy at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. Her honours thesis was on ‘The Role of Social Imaginative Play in the Development of children with Severe Language Disorders’. Thus even at that stage 45 years ago, she was focusing on the current belief that the ability to play imaginatively is crucial for language development. As this ability is absent in many of the children on the Autism Spectrum whom she treats, her extensive experience in this area forms the basis of her therapeutic approach.

Sally-Ann has had experience in working in schools catering for children with  Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delays, cerebral palsy, cleft palate as well as other genetic disorders such as Hurler’s Syndrome. She has worked as the Chief Speech Pathologist at the J.G. Strijdom Hospital in Johannesburg and at a specialised school for children with Disabilities (Frances Vorwerg School for Cerebral Palsied Children). Since emigrating from Cape Town South Africa 35 years ago she has supervised Speech Pathology Students at Sturt College (now Flinders University). Her primary focus and passion in Private Practice during this time has been on the diagnosis and treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those with Global Developmental Delay. She continues to assess and treat children with a wide variety of other communication difficulties. Sally-Ann deals primarily with families who have children in the 0-7 year old age group, as her approach is very much play-based. Sally-Ann provides parents with support during their journey is understanding of the ‘roller-coaster ride’ that they experience. She liaises with other practitioners, medical professionals and educators to ensure the best outcomes for her clients.

Sally-Ann is married and has two adult children who have supported her over the years in developing her unique approach to therapy using social imaginative play as the basis of her therapy. She has one granddaughter, Dalia aged 2 years 4 months who is reaffirming her love of and interest in toddlers and young children.