Why Sally-Ann?

This practice is unique in that:

  • Sally-Ann uses a ‘therapy dog’ to complement her teaching. Remy is a poodle who is very gentle with the children and is well trained. Obviously if parents prefer Sally-Ann not to have Remy in the sessions, she will make sure that he is kept out of the lessons.
  • Sally-Ann provides  privacy protected videos of each child’s sessions on ‘Sync’ so that objective measures of  progress can be made. These videos are secure so that only the child’s parents (or people with whom the parents wish to share their child’s password) have access to the footage.
  • The child’s video recordings are useful for a parent or carer who is unable to attend the sessions, to view and keep up to date with the techniques used in therapy as well as to observe the progress that is being made.
  • The video footage is able to be downloaded and stored on an i-Pad, i-Phone or computer from anywhere in the world using ‘Sync’.
  • Sally-Ann provides therapy in a child-friendly home environment with a garden and play equipment such as  swings,  slippery dip (slide), sandpit, ride-on cars  and vegetable garden.
  • Sally-Ann is able to do cooking and other daily-living activities with the children to emulate what goes on at home during everyday life.
  • Sally-Ann conducts therapy via the medium of play so that children learn in a relaxed fun-filled way.
  • Sally-Ann has a very wide range of toys, games and equipment which allows for  flexibility within the lessons.
  • Sally-Ann is available at all times via email for parents who have any concerns about their children.
  • Sally-Ann welcomes feedback from parents and is always willing to alter her methods of teaching to suit individual children.
  • Sally-Ann has annual get-togethers for parents to meet others on the same journey with their children.
  • Sally-Ann offers teletherapy for parents in the event of having to miss face-to-face sessions due to illnesss.