Educational Programmes for Families

Having had a great deal of life experience places Sally-Ann in a good position to know how difficult it can be having a child who is developing at a different rate from other children. She is empathetic towards parents who have a child with additional needs and offers support by arranging parent evenings whereby parents can meet other families with children with similar difficulties. These afternoons/evenings usually have a speaker addressing the parents and are free of charge.

Examples of past sessions include:

  • Pathways for schooling
  • Developing social skills
  • Managing grief
  • Understanding Autism
  • Developing imaginative play
  • Making social stories and visual aids
  • How to assist siblings of children with additional needs
  • Understanding Theory of Mind (TOM)
  • Red Flags for the detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hearing Difficulties, Phonological Difficulties, Language and Speech Disorders


On occasions Sally-Ann has organised family days for families, siblings and children receiving therapy to socialise and have fun!